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Concurrent Sessions

Updated: December 19, 2012 (Subject to change.)

Concurrent sessions begin on Thursday, April 25, 2013 and continue through Saturday, April 27, 2013. View accepted session titles and presenters by choosing the links below:

Concurrent Sessions I-II
Concurrent Sessions III-IV
Concurrent Sessions V-VI
Concurrent Sessions VII-VIII
Concurrent Sessions IX-X  
Concurrent Sessions XI-XII

This year, we have identified three learning tracks of special interest to some of our attendees. Look for titles in the session listing that are labeled:

Children and Grief = C     |     Hospice and Palliative Care = H     |     Organ Donation and Transplant Services = O

The concurrent & poster sessions include the following presentation types:

Bridging Research and Practice
A presentation translating theoretical research content into practice, or practice into research questions, to promote dialogue between the two entities. Session will utilize two presenters, one oriented toward research and the other oriented toward practice.

Panel Discussion
A single topic is presented by a moderator for discussion by a panel of 3-5 experts on the topic addressed. Panel members will share their knowledge through discussion on the validity, value and applicability of the topic.

Experiential Workshop
A presentation designed to actively involve attendees in small or large group processes, simulation and/or other training components.

Practice Report
An analytical description of a promising new and innovative intervention in a counseling or institutional setting, including the underlying theory and/or research model.

Research Report
A presentation of original research which offers a new perspective in thanatology and the relationship of this new information to existing research and theory.

Scholarly Paper
A theory-based discussion focused on exploring and analyzing new and current issues, trends, perspectives and models in the field of thanatology.

Professional Case Presentation
Presentation of a case study related to the presenter’s own professional experience which relates to the ADEC Body of Knowledge.

Personal Story
An anecdotal account having practice or educational applications explicitly related to the ADEC Body of Knowledge.

Poster Presentations
A visual presentation of projects, interests and research-in-progress, aided by appropriate handouts and informal personal interaction with the presenter. Presentations will be grouped by topic.


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